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September 2022

Pan-Arab Industrial Technology Complex

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In coordination with key partners in the MENA region, BARAKA Holding is expanding its Central Bekaa Industrial Park for Technology in […]

July 2022

Central Bekaa Industrial Park for Technology

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Through its fully owned subsidiary BALADACBARAKA Holding has engaged financial advisors in Lebanon and the GCC to assist in the […]

August 2020

BALADAC - 2020

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BALADAC - 2020: 

1. 100% of Les Mosaiques de Bhersaf project SOLD

2. 100% of Serenity project SOLD

April 2020

BALADAC Industrial City

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BALADAC Industrial City: 

1. Project Planning launched

2. Lots Shortlisting in process

3. Project Financing in process

August 2019

MEADEV - Africa

MEADEV, along with its partner institutions - Project Developers and Investment Bankers, initiated the planning for a major solar […]

April 2019

BALADAC - 2019

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BALADAC - 2019: 

1. Serenity project launched in April 2019.  

2. 100% of Ain Bakakeh Land Development project SOLD

3. Chtourama […]

February 2018

BALADAC - Update

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BALADAC Update: 

1. Phase 1 of the Serenity project will be ready in March 2018.  

2. 95% of Ain Bakakeh Land Development project […]

January 2017


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BALADAC, BARAKA's real estate subsidiary,  just launched SERENITY Land Development project in Kab Elias, Central Bekaa, Lebanon. 

December 2016

BALADAC - Update

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BALADAC Update: 

1. 100% of the Phase 1 of the Mandara Industrial Park project SOLD. 

2. 70% of Ain Bakakeh Land Development […]