Meaning & Values


Baraka's Values

stem from its meaning and the environment we live in
    in all its existential
    and fundamental interpretations
    in all achievements
    and in attaining goals
    in dealing with self, others
    and the world
    in creating value
    and reaching to others
    to the human spirit, its ambitions,
    its creativity, its visions, its drive,
    and its sparks

Baraka's Human Edge

In associating with its human resources,
BARAKA strives to embody the following attributes in every individual
it associates with, either directly or through its companies


BARAKA HOLDING was founded by Dr. Walid R. Touma in 2009.
Below is a timeline of the historical developments leading to its creation:
  • 1995 - 2006
  • Inc & GEOCEL International
    (1996/1995), Inc., a Delaware holding company, and GeoCel International, a Texas company, both were co-founded by Dr. Walid R. Touma in 1996 and 1995 respectively. In 1998, Dr. Touma's shares in both and GeoCel were transferred to Investment Corporation (BVI)., Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, with operations both in Texas and Washington, DC, offered subscription based legislative, regulatory, and US budget information services through its wholly owned subsidiaries,, Inc. (, (, (, and LNNi Services, Inc. to a growing market of legislative and government professionals.

    GeoCel International, a Texas company headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a software development company specializing in advanced Internet tools and applications development & marketing.

    In October 2006,, Inc. and GeoCel International were both acquired by the Economist Group (

  • Investment Corporation
    (1998) Investment Corporation was founded in 1998 by Dr. Walid R. Touma as a British Virgin Islands investment vehicle in emerging growth companies, global investment funds, and private equity funds both in North America and Europe.

  • 2007 - 2009
  • MEACOM & MEADEV Corporations

    From 2007 till 2009, Investment Corporation launched MEACOM & MEADEV Corporations, geographically focused on Middle East, Africa and East Asia, with a mission to source, structure, fund, and execute projects in Power Generation, Clean & Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency.

  • RAWA

    In June 2007, Rania Touma & Walid Touma launched RaWa, an all handmade Women Apparel & House of Fashion, with Rania Touma being the fashion designer behind all of RaWa's collections.


    In August 2009, Dr. Walid R. Touma founded BARAKA HOLDING to consolidate the group's operating assets, and facilitate the growth of the operating entities under the holding. BARAKA HOLDING is a British Virgin Islands Corporation.

  • AIN BARAKEH Real Estate Development

    In September 2009, BARAKA HOLDING launched AIN BARAKEH Real Estate Development to develop, promote, and sell lands in the town of Chtaura, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.


    In October 2009, BARAKA HOLDING acquired all the assets of Investment Corporation, its subsidiaries, and their operations. In addition, Dr. Walid R. Touma consolidated his holdings in RaWa under BARAKA HOLDING.

  • 2010
  • MANDARA Industrial Park

    In August 2010, BARAKA HOLDING launched MANDARA Industrial Park to develop, promote, and sell lands for industrial development in the town of Kab Elias, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

  • 2012
  • BLDC

    BARAKA HOLDING launched BARAKA Land Development Corporation (BLDC) in the MENA. Over the coming few years, the focus of BLDC will be Lebanon, with potential land development projects in select MENA countries.

  • 2014
  • AGRA

    BARAKA HOLDING launched AGRA, SAL to serve the agricultural sector in the Bekaa, and as a trading platform of fruits and vegetables between Lebanon, Europe, GCC, and Africa.


    BARAKA HOLDING launched BALADAC as the developer and promoter of BARAKA's real estate projects in Lebanon.